With our Qatari friends during visit to Qatar

Arabic Expert is widely famous for teaching Arabic language to non-natives at a short span of time with maximum output for more than 16 years. Over the period of our teaching career, we have accumulated vast experience of how to apply best methodologies for maximum output in a short period of time along with very good exposure to Arabs; thanks to our medical tourism venture; Al-Morshed MedSupport (https://www.almurshed.in and https://www.morshidak.com).

Also, please watch the trainer speaking with Arabs in Arabic language: Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG1H2-G42bHiL0qfcplgItQ?view_as=subscriber

Regular translation/interpretation between Indian doctors and Arab patients has helped us learn almost all major Arabic dialects spoken in Gulf and  north African countries. It helps us achieve maximum output of spoken or standard Arabic.

What Do We Teach?

We teach Standard and Colloquial Arabic in addition to Quran Tajweed. We follow Arabic grammar in teaching Classical/Standard Arabic. For Colloquial Arabic, we teach only spoken dialects of Arabic spoken in GCC.

Know Our Strength:

We also work in medical tourism wherein we have gathered good experience over Spoken and Taxtual Arabic. Please see our videos with Arab patients travelling to Indian hospitals through us.