Course Details Offered by Arabic Expert:

It`s great honor to introduce Arabic Expert, an institution dedicated fully to provide Arabic teaching in Mumbai and across India including translation and interpretation services. Arabic Expert has been engaged in teaching Arabic (اللغة العربية) for more than 16 years to individuals and corporate thereby fulfilling the ever-growing need of those having businesses in Middle East or aspiring to settle therein or looking for understanding Quran in its own language without translation.

There are some people who need to learn Arabic in order to conduct their daily businesses with their fellow Arabs. On the other hand, there are people who are interested in learning Arabic so as to understand Quran revealed by Allah (swt) directly without the help of translation or interpretation. Considering the individual requirements of students, Arabic Expert offers solutions to the both. We teach Spoken Arabic (Dialectical, Colloquial-عامية) and Modern Standard Arabic (فصحى); close to Classical Arabic as well.

Dialectical or Spoken Arabic is the language spoken at homes, offices, markets and other public places. Whereas, the Standard Arabic is the language of Quran, literature, News papers etc.

Our Unique Teaching Method:

With our participatory teaching methodology, and our focus on small classes, students can quickly progress through our levels to a point where they can really begin speaking to native speakers. When it comes to advance level of communication, there is no way out of MSA, as Dialectical Arabic has very limited vocabulary and there is no research being done on it. On the other hand, Standard Arabic is ever-growing due to continuous research on vocabulary.

Now the question arises  as to which type of Dialectical Arabic you want to learn as there are innumerable accents spoken throughout the Arab world. Each city and village has its own accent.

To be honest, its very complicated process to learn all accents. Somehow, Arabic Expert follows such a curricula which combines all major accents spoken by majority of Arabic speakers. During 16 years of our career, we have come to know that, despite being difficult to learn so many accents, Arabic language is the easiest language to learn and speak if proper efforts are put in.

Levels, Duration and Fee Structure of Spoken/Dialetical Arabic:

Basic Level of Spoken/Dialectical Arabic Course: At the end of the course, you will be able to speak and understand Arabic and express your thoughts while communicating with Arabs at basic level. If a candidate does his/her homework properly by dedicating 1.5 hrs every day throughout the course, then we  can assure you can speak Arabic fluently close to advance level.


Fee: 10,000/-

Duration: 15 hours. Twice a week class. 


Advance Level of Spoken/Dialectical Course: At the end of this advance course of spoken Arabic, you be able to speak and understand Arabic at advance level. As the name suggests, this level is an extension of the basic level. It covers intensive communication learning purely through conducting group discussions on a variety of subjects concerning our daily life and business talks covering maxim areas of business communications with the help of advance business related vocabulary.

Fee: 15000/-

Duration: 15 hours. Once a week class.

As regards MSA or Classical Arabic, so there is not much difference in both. MSA is different from Classical Arabic only in terms of wording and style. Whatever new words have been discovered are so far are called MSA. It`s very simple to learn provided proper efforts are given on timely basis.

Since Arabic is phonetic language, there is no need spend time on listening to audio or video to know the exact pronunciation. It does not mean that we need to listen to audio/video but rather I want to highlight the importance of phonetic importance.

Levels, Duration and Fee Structure of MSA, Classical Arabic:

Basic Level: Enough to speak and understand literature and standard Arabic on your own.

Fee: 10,000/-

Duration: 15 hours. Twice a week class. 

Advance Level: You will be able to understand Quran, Newspapers, written documents, exchange emails and text messages, in addition to speaking standard Arabic fluently at advance levels and further improve your vocabulary strength and fluency level by practicing and reading news papers, books, magazines etc without any help of teacher.


Fee: 15,000/-

Duration: 15 hours. Once a week class. 

Our Clients:
1. Allana Sons Ltd.
2. Tata Motors Ltd.
3. FIEO (Federation of Indian Export Organization)
4. Galaxy Surfactants
5. Doctoori Ltd (UK) 6. Excel Gas and Equipments

Know Our Strength:

We also work in medical tourism wherein we have gathered good experience over Spoken and Taxtual Arabic. Plz see our videks with Arab patients travelling to Indian hospitals through us. Youtube: