Part 1 :

Training for children

This training is particularly aimed at children between 3 and 8 years old. We accept children from 3 years old. At this age, children learn very quickly. Indeed, when it comes to learning a foreign language, it is advisable to start as early as possible. At this age, children are more open to language learning. Your child will learn the Arabic language at the same time as he perfects himself in the French language which is his mother tongue.

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With our Omani Guest

To promote learning, the Institute called on qualified teachers who know how to forge relational bonds with children. Introduced to infantile pedagogy, they will perfectly know how to teach your child the Arabic language and its subtleties.

However, to promote rapid and effective learning, it is advisable when the child is young that he be accompanied and assisted by one of their parents during the Arabic language lessons. This will allow the child to learn with confidence.


Part 2 :

Training for adults

For adults, before following an Arabic language training, it is essential to set the training objectives from the outset in order to prepare courses adapted to all specific needs. Indeed, for those who want to live in Arab countries, the vocabulary relating to everyday life will be more studied during the training. However, the Institute has selected a few areas where mastery is essential. This is particularly the case in the world of real estate, finance, energy, import-export, engineering, marketing, art, tourism, hotels and restaurants. the fashion. These sectors of activity constitute the main outlets in the Arab countries.

Part 3:

Professional training

The professional objective constitutes for many pupils a perfect motivation to learn the Arabic language. Indeed, mastering the latter will be an indisputable advantage when it comes to the world of work. The professional trainings organized by the Institute guarantee a fast and efficient learning of applied Arabic within the framework of the company.

Initially, the majority of students choose to follow a basic training which emphasizes speaking and reading. Once the basics of Arabic have been well assimilated, the student follows a specialization in order to better meet the needs according to his function in the company and his sector of activity.


In the majority of cases, vocational training takes place within the framework of a CPF. The latter is a device allowing the employee to follow free training. All employees who have completed 12 months of work can apply to participate in this type of training. As a general rule, this training is not the responsibility of the company or the employee. But, for the proper organization of the courses, the costs are advanced by the employer and subsequently reimbursed by the State. It is thus essential to have its approval before following an Arabic language training within the framework of a CPF.