Super Easy Arabic Language Courses/Classes in Nagpur & Aurangabad

If you are a new expat in any Arab country or have spent a few to more years in these countries, or have business with Arabs but have never thought of learning Arabic in India, it’s advisable to give it a thought. Learning Arabic language Nagpur, Aurangabad and Nashik is beneficial anytime because emergency may arise anytime and you might have to take help of locals who only know their language and communication is necessary. Here’s where you can learn Arabic in a super easy way and can also get Arabic conversational course in Nagpur or any other Indian cities. Let me tell you about it.

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Arabic is a very sweet language; but learning it may be tiresome. At, we make this exotic language super easy for you. We offer high quality Arabic course which contains the basics as well as the phonetic pronunciations, to ensure that you can speak just like the local Arabic speakers.


While learning a totally new language, it is very important to know the basics; otherwise, you cannot learn the language in a true sense. If you want to acquire proficiency in the language, learning the basics is essential. At all basic are taught to non-Arabic speakers.

Course Duration:

There are 25 hours included in the course which contain teaching through online Arabic teaching tools. This makes more than four hours of learning.

Study Material:

Apart from lectures, you also get PDF study material and also extra study material. Our study materials are unique for learning Colloquial and Standard  Arabic in Nagpur and  Aurangabad as it makes learning spoken Arabic super easy.


Practice makes man perfect. At the end of each chapter, you will have to solve a quiz which offers you a good practice of more than 5 hours.

Complete Support:

A dedicated tutor is available to assist you throughout your learning experience. So, you need not feel confused or stumbled anywhere and can study smoothly.

Assistance for Phonetics:

Learning a language is useful only when you can speak it fluently. At ArabicExpert you are taught the correct phonetics so that you can communicate in Arabic effectively.

What will You Learn?

You will learn:

  • About Arabic
  • Arabic alphabet
  • Grammatical elements like verbs, pronouns, diacritics, and more
  • Numbers
  • Date and time
  • How to express your feelings and emotions
  • Common phrases

 What Qualifications do You Need?

There is no previous qualifications needed! You should only have a passion for learning a new language.

Benefits of Learning Arabic through ArabicExpert:

Learning Arabic through ArabicExpert is a wonderful experience. You get a confidence while communicating to local people which is useful to you in markets, local transportation and for making friends. This course makes you prepared for basic question-answers in Arabic. You can write, read and speak in Arabic. The Arabic learning course by ArabicExpert has a rich vocabulary; so, you can learn more words from them.

In conversation with a Qatari family during my visit to Qatar


Teacher at ArabicExpert is A. Waheed Khan who is extensively experienced in coaching and mentoring. He works hard to provide his students high quality material and thus provide a perfect Arabic learning experience.

If you are planning to spend the rest of your life in an Arab country, learning Arabic is quite a must. So, enjoy learning Arabic in Aurangabad, Nagpur or any other Indian or world cities!