Business Arabic:


On the international economic level, it is clear that the Arab countries have grown unmistakably. From now on, maintaining an economic partnership with these countries has become more and more attractive for the great powers like India, especially as the areas of collaboration are more and more varied. In addition, for employees, mastering the Arabic language is an essential condition for ensuring a lasting career. Indeed, the reality is obvious: particularly in golfing countries, there is a majority of Arabs who do not have a good command of English. Whatever your field of practice, you will stand out from your colleagues by perfectly mastering the Arabic language taught by Arabic Expert in Pune, especially if the company in which you work has established a partnership with an Arabic-speaking company.

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With a Qatari friend

On the relational side, this knowledge will be one of your strengths with your foreign employees. Hence the need to know their language to ensure a fruitful partnership. And, to get there, you can take this business Arabic training.




This course is open to students who have already completed the basic+ conversational Arabic course. Several modules constitute the training, this is done in order to motivate the student in order to guarantee a complete and rapid learning of the Arabic language in Pune. The lessons alternate between the “vocabulary & listening” and “grammar & conversation” modules.

In Conversation with a Qatari Friend. 

Above all, this training allows the student to get used to the Arabic language in a professional context. To promote memorization of vocabulary and grammar rules, the teacher creates small scenarios to promote practice in a very real setting. The advantage with this methodology is to facilitate the assimilation of the Arabic language in the student.

If you are planning to spend the rest of your life in an Arab country, learning Arabic in Pune or Nashik is quite a must. So, enjoy learning Arabic in Pune, Nashik, Aurangabad, Nagpur or any other Indian or world cities!