How to learn Tajweed?

The science of Tajweed

Its definition:

The science of Tajweed is one of the sciences of the Noble Qur’an. It defines the science of Tajweed in language and convention as follows:

▪︎Linguistically: improvement and perfection, taken from those who have mastered something that are good at it, that is, he brought it well and improved it.

▪︎Idiomatically: It is a science from which the recitation of the Noble Qur’an is known according to what God Almighty revealed to His Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, and take out each letter from its output, and give it its right and what it deserves without cost.

How to learn it?

Learning the Noble Qur’an and its recitation is one of the great acts of worship and the great remembrance of the Holy Qur’an. Here are some points that help in learning the rulings of the intonation of the Noble Qur’an:

Flexibility; The Muslim must be flexible in his learning, so that he does not lose interest or be lazy about his goal. Repentance and a great deal of forgiveness, submission to God – Glory be to Him – when weakness, negligence or error, and the insistence to pray.

The concern that the mind is not occupied with worldly matters, and it is possible to bring a piece of paper and a pen to organize its affairs.

Thinking about the Noble Qur’an, contemplating it, and striving to apply it in life, as that fills himself with tranquility, reassurance and comfort.

Knowing that the culprits are the ends, that is, the mastery of the work well, and not the time when this work is finished.

Going to Quranic centers and mosque circles that the Sheikh teaches; Because this knowledge is taken through oral and malasna, in order to clarify for it the rulings and mistakes when reciting the process.

Listening to the good reciters who have clear recordings and who are distinguished by the correct and accurate reading applied to the rulings of recitation and intonation.


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